Infrared Camera – Product Reviews

In comparing potential night viewing cameras and spy cameras, here is a list of the most frequently purchased during the last quarter of 2011.

Some of the products out on the market are quite ingenious. For example, the hand-held Kayak KHD 5000-X has all the power and sophistication of a high powered x-ray camera that the professionals use. It is small, lightweight and portable with the same size and dimensions of a standard cellular phone, allowing the user to photograph comfortably and at will. These devices continue to rise in technological expertise while dropping in price, which makes it an ideal time for the consumer to invest in this practical tool. On top of that, it’s waterproof.

Kaya Infrared X-ray Camera

Furthermore, the Kaya KHD 5000-X is easily held in the operator’s hand. It’s dark colored and looks like an ordinary cell phone, which does not create suspicion. Small and convenient to use, it provides high resolution photos in either standard black and white, and high resolution photos in its similar, color film model.

The Intelligence of Super Thru Technology Another super-hot x-ray camera on the market right now is the X-reflect camera (without a screen), holding up to 8 GB in colored film footage. It comes with rechargeable batteries to ensure that you have the tools you need out in the field where you need it the most. The camera can be plugged into a computer monitor or television with an RCA connector to display the photography that you have just taken. It is by far the most affordable, with its black and white camera starting at only $250. The color version is also relatively reasonably priced at $390. If you want to go all out and purchase the X-reflect Color Camera with a screen, the price is $890. This product can be used just about everywhere, since it’s compatible with both PAL for European and Asian systems and NTSC systems applicable in the USA and Japan (among other locations).

Regular photo X-ray / Infrared / See Through photo

[This is by far the one I love the most, and you can find this excellent Hidden X-ray Cam here]

Best of all, the documentation you receive from your spy camera may be downloaded to your to your hard drive a USB cable where it can be printed out and distributed or enlarged. PC compatible, it provides the best of all possible worlds – small, compact, efficient, economical and interface able.

If you are looking for a stationery type spy camera there are air purifier spy cameras and fake book spy cameras. Both are cleverly disguised as ordinary items that do not raise suspicion. The purifier blends into the scenery while recording everything within the room. The fake book (with a dictionary motif) sits hidden on the bookshelf among other real books. A tiny pinhole in the books binding is the location of the spy camera. A wise person once said, the best place to hide something is in an obvious place.

This type of spy cameras are best used in evaluating employee performance, especially nannies and housekeepers who work in the home largely unsupervised. Some spy cameras are meant to be worn on the individual. Disguised as a small pouch holder, they can be worn on the belt. A tiny cable with an even tinier camera is attached to film and record information obtained while the wearer is in public and or meets with someone he wishes to record.

Among night view cameras, the Sony Color Night Vision Outdoor Camera is among the best (in the five star range) and among the more popular. The product name is well known and reliable. It is also within reach of the average consumer at a retail price of around $300 while providing better than average quality and long life.

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