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Infrared Camera – Product Reviews

In comparing potential night viewing cameras and spy cameras, here is a list of the most frequently purchased during the last quarter of 2011. Some of the products out on the market are quite ingenious. For example, the hand-held Kayak KHD 5000-X has all the power and sophistication of a high powered x-ray camera that the professionals use. It is small, lightweight and portable with the same size and dimensions of a standard cellular phone, allowing the user to photograph comfortably and at will. [...]


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Pros and Cons – Is it legal to use an infrared x-ray / see through clothes camera?

The fantastic, modern x-ray camera is here! It can see any hidden items – through purses, pockets, paper bags, and more. Using an x-ray camera is essential in revealing concealed items that are hidden from normal, unassisted viewing. This product is a gift from the future. Almost a fantasy come true, and accessible to the general public, there are no secrets anymore. But – should it be legal? There are many practical applications to the x-ray camera. That is not too hard to understand. Drugs, [...]


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What are x-ray (see through) cameras, and how do they work?

Did you ever want to be like Superman, able to leap tall buildings with a single bound? Who among us wouldn’t want to have x-ray vision? Being able to see through walls would pose some advantages, too. Well nowadays the new spy cameras on the marketplace enable just about anyone to see through paper bags, under your shirt and in your pocket. With the level of technological advances available, this long held dream has now become a reality. Not only are spy cameras available to the [...]


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